How to configure secondary dns server in windows 2012 step by step

How to configure secondary dns server in windows 2012 step by step

The first step is to get server install on a server. Next thing we need to do is get network interfaces configured. It is recommend to use meaning full name as the server name.

After this we are ready to start on the AD install. As per my next step i will start DNS role install first. This is not must to do, you also can install dns during the AD install. But as per best practice i always prefer to add DNS role first.

In next window keep "Role-based or feature-based installation" default selection and click on next. In next window we can select which server to install role. In next window it give option to select the roles. Then it will prompt window to inform about the related additional features which DNS role need.

In next window it gives option to select any additional feature, but in here i will keep it default. In next window it will give details about the selected features and click on "Install" to begin the installation. Now we have every thing ready for AD install. In next window it gives option to select the roles. Then it will prompt window to indicate the additional feature installations related to selected role. In next window it will give option to select addtional feature to install.

In next window it gives brief about the installation. Once it finish click on "close" to exit from the wizard.

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After that completes we need to start on the DC setup. In next window we can select the forest and domain functional levels.

In next window it ask for the netbios name. In next window it will run system check and verify system is compatible with the selected installation. Now we successfully completed with the DC setup on server R2. Thank you for this instruction, it helped me alot because im used to wsthis was a little difficult to find out i needed to install dns before adds.

Secondary DNS server does not work reliably in Windows Server 2012

Thanks a lot! Really helpful. Thanks Rebel, truly appreciate the step by step instruction. People like you make "people like me"s job a whole lot easier!Secondary is a read only copy of primary. It can be used for fault tolerance. We cannot create any records or delete records from Secondary because this is just the read only copy of primary. Click on next to continue. In this zone, data would replicate with Active Directory. You can review the Steps to create a secondary zone in future articles.

It also helps in fault tolerance. To configure secondary DNS server, type the name. Hit enter. A green check confirms that Secondary is able to communicate with Primary. In case of failure check the communication.

We cannot create Secondary until we allow zone transfer in primary. Right click the domain name and select properties. Under zone transfer we can see three options:. Options to allow zone transfer: a To any server : This would allow zone transfer to any server. This option is not secured as we are not restricting the list of computers to transfer data. After we allow Zone transfer in Primary. Go back to the Secondary DNS and refresh the console. Now we can see all the data visible in Secondary.

We cannot create any Resource records in Secondary as it is read only copy of Primary. Type the answer in the comment section. Skip to content.In this scenario, the server does not work reliably. Depending on the size of the zone, this leads to increased network bandwidth consumption. Additionally, all records may not be sent to the secondary server. This results in the secondary server not having all records in the zone even if the serial numbers match. Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.

Skip to main content. Select Product Version. All Products. Configure the zone as a conditional forward instead of a secondary. Configure the zone as a stub zone instead of a secondary.

Installing Active Directory, DNS and DHCP to Create a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller

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How to Install and Configure DNS Server on Windows Server 2016/2012 R2?

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how to configure secondary dns server in windows 2012 step by step

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South Africa - English. Srbija - Srpski. Suomi - Suomi. Sverige - Svenska. United Kingdom - English.A Secondary Zones allows an organization to provide fault tolerance and load balancing to internal names. In addition to being able to resolve names to a private namespace or speed up name resolution to a public namespace without the use of Conditional Forwarders or Stub Zones. If the Master has been configured to allow zone transfers with the Secondary the entire database will be transferred.

Once a secondary receives the database from the master it will now perform all name resolution request for the namespace locally. If the client query is not part of the authoritative namespace, it starts a name resolution process beginning with a root name server and continues the process until the name is resolved. The Secondary database is kept up to date via zone transfers from the Master. A trust relationship between the two organizations Active Directory Domain Services is desired, but neither organization name space can be resolved through public name resolution.

In order to configure the trust relationship name resolution need to be configured. DNS Secondary Zones in each domain will be configured to allow for the resolution to occur for other organization namespace. All other names needing resolved will use the default name resolution method. See figure below, the same result would occur going the other direction. Name resolution will now succeed from DulceBase.

Local to DulceBase. As you can see configuring a Secondary Zone is a simple fix to resolving names in a private network when public name resolution fails. But, does require the Administrator of the Master Zone to allow zone transfers with your organization before the zone will actually transfer. In the past, if we had virtualized Domain Controllers and we actually took a snapshot of it and then rolled back to that snapshot, it would break the logon service on that … Continue reading How to clone a Windows Server or R2 Domain Controller.

How does an investigator hunt down and identify unknown malware? I can ping, but names do not resolve. I see records for the in the 2k3 primary zone, but no records are showing up in the primary. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! I can see A records in my primary that are not in the slave forward lookup Zone. Please check whether Zone Transfer is enabled on the Master Server.

I was facing the same issue and when i enable the Zone transfer the issue has got resolved.

how to configure secondary dns server in windows 2012 step by step

Hi Nice Article.Also we will show you how to create forward and reverse lookup zones. The DNS server may be responsible for the specific zone in which the corresponding computers are located.

Since the DNS system is hierarchical system, the DNS server can redirect the request to the upstream server if it cannot determine the IP address of the host by the domain name. Most often, the DNS server role is installed along with the installation of the Active Directory domain controller role.

The fastest way is to install the DNS server role in Windows Server using the following PowerShell command run it with an administrator permissions :.

Select Role-based or feature-based installation option and click on Next. If you want to manage this DNS server remotely, you can not install these tools. No additional features required for this step, but we want to be sure that DNS Server Tools is already selected. Then click on Next. So, the server role of the DNS server is installed. Now you can configure your DNS Server. Currently there are no zones configured on your DNS server.

This server is called caching. Zones are parts of the namespace for which the server is responsible. Forward lookup zones are used to convert a name to an IP address.

The reverse lookup zone, on the contrary, matches the IP address with the hostname. The presence of a reverse lookup zone on the DNS server is not necessary, but it is easy to configure and provides the full functionality of the DNS service.

how to configure secondary dns server in windows 2012 step by step

In this step you can select the type of DNS you want to use. The primary zone will be located on your server, the secondary zone will be located on another server.

The secondary zone is used in large networks for load balancing. Choose Primary zone and click on Next to continue. Dynamic updates allow DNS clients register their resource records in DNS database automatically, but if the network is small we can make updates of DNS database manually. It is recommended to allow dynamic updates, but only if DNS will be used exclusively on your local network. Setting the zone is done by adding DNS records to the zone.

How to Configure Secondary DNS Server 2012 R2

There are several types of DNS records. Consider the main types of DNS records:. If earlier you have chosen Do not to allow dynamic updates, you should add records to zone manually. As you can see on the right side of the DNS Manager window, the new host is now created. You can create records for client computers in exactly the same way.

Now you should add Reverse Lookup Zone.

how to configure secondary dns server in windows 2012 step by step

In order to obtain domain name or IP address mapping using the command nslookup :. To do this, in the DNS Manager console, open the properties of your server. Go to the Forwarders tab, click the Edit button and add the address of the external DNS server to which you want to forward requests for example, 8.Skip to main content. This step-by-step article describes how to configure a secondary DNS server. In the console tree, expand Forward Lookup Zones.

Right-click the zone that you want for example, example. Click the Name Servers tab, and then click Add. In the Server fully qualified domain name FQDN box, type the host name of the server that you want to add. For example, type namesvr2. In the IP address box, type the IP address of the name server that you want to add for example, Click OKand then click OK.

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In the console tree, click Reverse Lookup Zonesright-click the zone that you want, and then click Properties. In the Server name box, type the host name of the server that you want to add. For example, namesvr2. Click OK two times. In the Components list, click Networking Services do not click to select or click to clear the check boxand then click Details.

On the Windows Components page, click Next. Click Close. DNS is now installed. In the console tree, click Forward Lookup Zones. When the New Zone Wizard starts, click Next to continue. Click Secondary Zoneand then click Next.

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